Regatta Information

Coronavirus update:

You will be aware that the coronavirus is escalating across the world and in the UK. At the moment we are in no position to make a decision about whether or not to hold our event. The decision may well be taken out of our hands by instructions from World Health Organisation or our Government but as yet we are being told to continue as if it will be held.

As it is a changing situation, and unless events overtake us, we will monitor developments and assess the situation again at the end of April.

We understand that competitors will not want to make any financial commitments at this stage that are non-refundable. If the event does not go ahead, any entry fees will be refunded.

In the meantime we are still going full ahead with our planning for this exciting event.

Friday 11 and Saturday 12 September 2020 – Competitor Arrival, J/24 World Championships Check-in and Inspection

Sunday 13 September 2020 – Practice Race and Opening Ceremony

Monday 14 to Friday 18 September 2020 – World Championship Racing

Friday 18 September 2020 -  Final Day Racing & Prize Giving / Closing Ceremony

Saturday 19 September 2020 – Haul Out and Depart